The use of special materials to absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves, thereby reducing the damage of mobile phone radiation on the human brain.                          99% Cell Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation BLOCKED Increase the standby time of the mobile phone by 0.5-2 times.Restore old rechargeable battery capacity and extend battery life.Restore the battery capacity and extend the standby time.                                                FREE SHIPPING!Item type: Anti radiation phone sticker Material: SiliconeColor: Gold, silver.Function: mobile phone radiation protection, mobile phone power conservation, Anion energyUse with Cell Phones, Ipads , & Computers.Negative Ions: 500cc.Size: 25mmQuantity: 6pcs/pack. Instructions:1. Remove the radiation-protective patch backing paper. 2. Stick it on the side of the antenna near the mobile phone (adhere to this site to reduce the emissivity above 90%), and paste it on the mobile phone battery (use this Paste can reduce the emissivity of about 60% -70%.

Anti-Radiation Stickers


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