Anti-Radiation Protection Pendant - 2300 Negative Ions - Made From Volcanic Rock


99% Cell Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation BLOCKED


Now you can achieve better health and greater vitality, by improving body's circulation, neutralizing negative energies, and re-charging your body's energy field with the right energy frequencies using an Anti-Radiation Pendant.


Using advanced nanotechnology know-how, with natural minerals structurally bonded together, Anti-Radiation Pendants restore balance and harmony to the body to-Improve blood circulation.



-Enhances cellular permeability, nutrition and detoxification-Improve stamina, endurance & strength


-Alleviate soreness, aches & pains, and improve flexibility


-Enhance immune and endocrine systems


-Helps to delay the ageing process


-Energize blood cells & reduce "sickness"


-Calm the mind & improve focus


-Strengthen the body's bio-energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves.



Anti-Radiation Pendants do more than just break down the water molecules and energizing your drinking water. When you wear it, it keeps the water in your body grouped into small cell-penetrating clusters. These tiny clusters of water easily pass through cell membranes, carrying nutrients & oxygen into our cells, and waste & toxins out. This easy passage of water into and out of our cells is what keeps the cells clean, young and healthy.


How to Use Anti-Radiation Pendant? Wear Anti-Radiation Pendant over the neck, or place it directly on the affected body parts (e. G. Knee, back, shoulder, ankle, etc. ) to relieve stiffness or soreness. Place it over the forehead for headache and relaxation. Place it over the abdomen for stomachache and period pain.

Anti-Radiation Pedants


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