Unisex EMF Radiation Protection RFID Shielding Electromagnetic Boxer Shorts


WokeCloth has Collaborated with SIYECAO to bring you the highest quality  & most cost-affective Anti-Radiation Boxer Shorts on the market!


           Men exposed to cell phone radiation all day may experience:

                                   50%Sperm Count reduction

                      28%increase in risk of developing gland tumor

                                   34%Sperm viability reduction


                       KILLS BACTERIA & ODORS ON CONTACT!

Made with high quality material in order to provide the best EMF protection, such as Wi-Fi Modems, Bluetooth devices in the home and car, smart meters, cell towers, microwaves, cordless phones, as well as low frequency electrical fields from sources such as electrical wires, electrical box, Household Appliances and high power transmission lines.

Protect your Family Jewels from up to 99% of harmful EMF / EMR radiation from devices like WiFi routers, baby monitors, cell phones, bluetooth and laptops in daily life.

                                                    WAIST SIZE

                          S 28-30 M 31-34 L 35-38 XL 39-41 XXL 42-44

Each pair is carefully constructed with Silver & Other Metals to protect you where it counts! EMF & Radiation has been known to lower sperm count in men, cause tumors, and testicular cancer!


                                                FREE SHIPPING!

Anti-Radiation Boxer Shorts


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