Origin of Woke Cloth

Woke Cloth was founded in 2016 by an independent recording artist, Mason G.

Everything you see here and even what you are reading now has been put together by my own doing.

I do love to connect with other artists and have some of their artworks featured throughout the clothing brand.

Since day one our mission statement at Woke Cloth has remained the same - WAKE THE WORLD -

I grew tired of being a walking billboard for random clothing companies that do not share my core values.

I created Woke Cloth as a way to stand out and bring together like minded people.


We are currently at war.

Psychological warfare is happening everyday.

Please think for yourself and do not follow the sheeple.

This is the official website of the conscious rapper, Mason G.




Woke Cloth was thoughtfully established with YOU in mind.

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©2023 by Woke Cloth. Proudly Presented By Woke Rapper, Mason G.